Getting the Most From Your Visit

Tips to help you get the best out of your visit to the Doctors:

  1. Prepare for your visit in advance.
    1. write down your medications (including over the counter and naturopath and list your medical history and complaints ie., what were you diagnosed with, when and where.
    2. decide what is the most important matter that needs to be addressed by the doctor first
    3. book enough time. A normal appointment of between 10-15 minutes is not enough time for a doctor to effectively treat a whole list of medical conditions. Be prepared to come back another day.  Address the most pressing matter and then rebook.  Remember if the doctor has never seen you before, a full medical history will need to be taken
    4. when arriving for your appointment for the first time, allow 15 mins extra to fill in the necessary paperwork. Remember, the general practice is under similar rules as a government department
    5. upon arrival at practice everyone is important to the receptionist, and they are there to ensure that you are checked in. Please report to reception where you can be identified. Do not assume because this is the 15th visit the receptionist will know you by sight.  The receptionists are required under legislation to make sure you are you no matter how many visits you have made at the practice
    6. remember that the practice always endeavours to keep your details up to date. If you change address, phone no., email or next of kin details let the reception know
    7. the practice tries to ensure that there is something to read for all age groups. However, it is the patient next of kin’s responsibility for small children, to bring something to keep them happy

The Doctors do try to run on time, however, this is not always possible due to unforeseen circumstances.  The receptionists do not have any control in these situations, so our patient’s patience is appreciated when encountering these conditions.

  1. Explain how you feel
    1. no-one knows you, better than you. Don’t be afraid to let your doctor know of any concerns
    2. wherever possible, all our new patients are seen by the nurse first who will take a full medical history. You could pre-prepare one, download here
    3. be honest don’t be embarrassed and leave out details in relation to your care. All information is highly confidential and is stored in a password-protected environment. All staff members have a signed confidentiality to further protect your information
    4. be open to what the doctor has to say, and if you do not understand ask he/she to explain again. Take notes if you think you may forget
  1. Recalls and Follow up Care
    1. The Doctor may request for you to have certain tests e.g. blood tests or x-rays as part of your general health check-up. Ensure you make a follow-up appointment to get the results. Though some results may come back as “normal”, this does not mean that that the doctor may require to examine you further. And just getting the results offers peace of mind.
    2. at times you may be required by the doctor to undergo a health assessment or for you to attend to have a management plan e.g. Asthma action plan (needed by all schools and employers for those with diagnosed asthma), chronic pain, hypertension and many more chronic diseases. These plans assist both you and your doctor to ensure that the treatments you are receiving are working in the management of your condition.
    3. at other times you may be required to come back for a review of the above plan. The doctors like to check your progress
    4. remember if you are referred to another provider and they do not suit, return to your GP and have your referral changed.
    5. Take your health seriously, you only have one life.
  1. Receiving health information
    1. from time to time you may receive health information from the practice. This may be because the doctor would like you to return to the clinic for a follow-up, or it could be to remind you about an upcoming appointment or there may be some health information which the practice and doctors feel you would benefit from receiving.
    2. the practice sends our reminders out by SMS, using HotDoc which can be downloaded from Play Store. You can book standard and long consultations through the app and by using our website or facebook page, just remember to book the right amount of time you think you will need. Other appointments which may need a nurse can still be booked by calling the clinic on 07 5657 1906.  Rest assured that all calls are important to us and will be answered as soon as possible.
    3. it is important to remember that the Doctors will have patients booked, so don’t forget to rebook with your doctor. At times the doctor may advise you to ‘pop’ back in. We will always endeavour to fit an urgent matter into the doctor’s book but would request you appreciate those that have booked their appointment with their doctor and give us a call to book you in.
    4. most of all do not forget to confirm your appointment if you are requested to do so. Appointment reminders are sent by SMS please confirm your attendance or cancel the appointment using your mobile phone. If you do not have data, just a return text will do, the practice does receive these by email.
    5. please confirm all Saturday appointments by Thursday to save your appointment from being given away. If you cannot make an appointment, please call us no less than 1 hour prior to your appointment or the day before.
  1. Paperwork
    1. paperwork is generally not covered by Medicare, advise reception of the type of paperwork. All insurance paperwork attracts a fee. Please check with the reception the process.  Centrelink and Drivers Medicals (not including Commercial Drivers Medicals) are normally covered by Medicare.
  1. Checking Out
    1. please re-present to reception, they may have further instructions to convey or just the satisfaction of knowing everything is ok for you to leave practice
    2. if you have attended for immunisations, a wait period is required before leaving
    3. in some instances, payment may be required for a consult or procedure. All our fees and structure are available in our practice information leaflet. Download here or ask at reception.  A fee may change dependent upon the type of procedure.

Above all else, communication is the key to your visit.  We also ask the patients to treat our receptionists, nurses, and doctors with the utmost respect.  Your health is important to us and we want to ensure that our providers can deliver the best possible outcome.

 For more information contact Myhealth Foxwell Road on 07 5657 1906