Skin Clinic

Skin Clinic

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it serves purposes that range from protecting your other organs to regulating your body’s temperature. It’s important to take care of your skin to keep it functioning properly. The right skin care regimen can ensure that your skin is healthy.

The practice doctors perform skin cancer checks and treatments daily. To help understand your skin a GP can perform a skin check and examine any lesions of concern. They are familiar with your history, can talk to you about risk factors and family history, and treat some skin cancers, such as melanoma.

A skin check involves the Doctor using a number of tools and techniques to examine skin thoroughly, beyond what the naked eye can see. And melanomas that are detected and treated early are cured in 90% of cases. So, in addition to self-checking regularly you should have a professional skin check once a year.

It is also important to get a professional skin check by a doctor if anything suspicious appears, in addition to having your annual skin check.

Many people confuse skin specialists with skin care specialists. Skin care specialists are people providing beauty treatments related to skin, hair and nails. Doctors are trained in dermatology which is a formal medical term used for a skin specialist.

The Doctors who have studied skin care, dermatology and cancers take care of the skin.

General practitioners can treat skin conditions like Tinea, eczema, hair and nails disorders, warts, some skin cancer, such as melanoma, psoriasis, etc. It is important to mention that the term dermatology will always be used for a trained medical doctor. On the other hand, the term skin specialist can be sometimes used for people from non-medical field but with extensive knowledge and experience of treating minor skin conditions.

The Practice is committed to using medically proven technology, providing outstanding clinical consultations, treatments and ongoing care for patients to ensure the highest standards in clinical care.

For complex advanced skin cancers, your doctor will co-ordinate your care with specialist dermatologists and plastic surgeons that have a special interest in skin cancer treatment.