Vaness Diep B.ASc MPodPrac

Podiatry is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and management of medical conditions and injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limb.

A Podiatrist diagnoses' and treats common and rare skin and nail problems with your feet and plays an important role in maintaining the mobility of many people including the elderly and disabled people.

The Podiatrist monitors foot health, working closely with patients who have circulation problems and diabetes. Our Podiatrist is recognised as an important member of the healthcare team in preventing and managing lower limb complications for those living with diabetes.

A basic area of foot care undertaken by podiatrists is the treatment of various acute and chronic nail conditions. The Podiatrist has specific instrumentation for the painless and effective treatment of these conditions.  Treatment and prevention of corns, calluses and warts are also common podiatric procedures.

Vanessa completed her master’s degree of Podiatric Practice and Applied Health Science at La Trobe University.

Being an integral clinician of an experienced Allied Health team, Vanessa can both share her Podiatric expertise with other multidisciplinary teammates, whilst also learn from them. This unique benefit enables Vanessa to understand her clients in a truly holistic manner. Skills learned over the years include assessing and treating almost any condition affecting the foot and lower limb, as well as determining how limb and foot alignment can impact the knee, hip and back posture. As a Podiatrist, Vanessa is able to assess and treat the foot and lower limb conditions, as well as being responsible for preventing her clients from re-injury or experiencing re-occurrence of specific symptoms. 

 Areas of treatment include:

  • Achilles tendon (Achilles tendinopathy)
  • Ankle (Ankle pain and sprains, nerve impingement)
  • Arch (Arch pain)
  • Forefoot (Forefoot deformities, forefoot pain, Morton’s neuroma, bursitis, synovitis, plantar plate tear, painful bunions, arthritis)
  • Heel (plantar fasciitis, fat pad atrophy)
  • Hips and lower back (foot alignment in relation the hips and lower back)
  • Legs (knee alignment in relation to the foot)
  • Midfoot (tendinopathies, arthritis of the midfoot)
  • Toes and nails (elongated toenails, toenails deformity, ingrown toenails, nail fungal and bacterial infection, trauma)
  • Skin (callous, corns, tinea pedis, warts, and wounds)
  • Foot (diabetic foot assessments and complications, nerves, foot alignment, blood flow and circulation, foot deformities)  

 Vanessa is an active member of the Australian Podiatry Association and attends meetings and conferences regularly to update her knowledge and provide the best treatment possible.