Patient Code of Conduct

This code outlines the expected standard of behavior for all patients. By attending our private practice, you are agreeing to uphold this standard and failure to comply may result in immediate discontinuation of treatment.

I agree to not act in a manner others may find threatening, bullying, or frightening.  Our practice has a duty to provide a safe physical and psychological environment free from aggression, abuse, intimidation, or racism for both staff and other patients.

I acknowledge by attending this private practice I am agreeing to abide by the practice policies and any conditions of entry.  If these do not suit me, I will find alternative health care on the Gold Coast.

I agree the GP may need me to return if my appointment length is not sufficient for multiple problems. I accept any appointment times offered to me are what is available.

I agree to not act in a manner which could harm others or myself and I understand I can approach staff if I am feeling distressed or anxious.

I agree to follow the direction of health service staff, which may include being asked to abide by government directives or our conditions of entry, eg mask wearing.   I will review door signs before entry.

I agree not to smoke in the premises.

If I go outside to take or make a call, I will let Reception know.  I won’t answer my phone when in a consultation with the GP or nurse or I understand the next patient may be called before me.

I will encourage my children to sit quietly and not run, shout or climb on furniture so as to not disturb  staff trying to work or upset patients who may be unwell or anxious.    I will bring quiet toys, colouring books and headphones for electronic devices if necessary. 

I agree not to consume alcohol or drugs in the premises and I agree not to attend the practice adversely affected by alcohol or drugs.

I agree the practice may have fees for services which I receive and payment may be expected on the day.

I understand running behind is sometimes out of the GP’s control as they may have unexpected, complicated consultation’s which run over-time.

I agree to cancel appointments I cannot attend with as much notice as possible.  This will allow other waiting patients to receive medical treatment.  I understand that if I consistently fail to attend appointments which I have made, I may be asked to seek healthcare elsewhere.

In return our practice will treat each patient with respect and professionalism.

Thank you for your understanding