Exercise Physiology

Exercise Physiology

The goals of an Exercise Physiologist is the use of exercise to further understand how the body functions. The use of this knowledge helps to develop activities and programs that establish, maintain, and promote physical fitness.

By using stress tests and other evaluation tools, the Exercise Physiologist evaluates a patient’s cardiovascular function and metabolism and then designs a fitness plan that will meet the patient’s goals and/or needs, including building endurance and strength and increasing fitness and flexibility. A certified exercise physiologist is trained to:

a) Administer exercise stress tests in healthy and unhealthy populations
b) Evaluate a person’s overall health, with special attention to cardiovascular function and metabolism
c) Develop individualized exercise prescriptions to increase physical fitness, strength, endurance, and flexibility
d) Design customized exercise programs to meet healthcare needs and athletic performance goals

An Exercise Physiologist is NOT the same as a personal trainer. An Exercise Physiologist is a health care professional who has completed a degree in Exercise Physiology and/or has been certified by the Exercise & Sports Science Australia.